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Corporate Sponsorships

Soar to new heights of brand visibility with Galaxy Production Group's blimp – where the sky is not the limit, rather just the beginning! Elevate your corporate image with our floating billboard, creating a buzz that's as unmissable as spotting a shooting star – partner with Galaxy, where advertising meets the atmosphere!


Sporting Events

Turn heads and score big with Galaxy's blimp as it hovers above the stadium, ensuring your brand slam-dunks into the hearts of fans, making your message the MVP of the sporting spectacle!

Oh, and did we mention we do live broadcasting?


Live Broadcast

How rude of us; of COURSE we do Live Broadcasting... For almost 20 years, unmanned, in the sky. Everything from teeny tiny CMOS cameras, to the latest CineFlex Gimbaled rigs (they love us, btw), Galaxy is your All In One Aerial media solution!


Private Events

Transform private events into unforgettable experiences by choosing Galaxy's blimp to showcase your brand, bringing an air of excitement that turns every gathering into an exclusive celebration of your unique style and presence!

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